‘’The Mad Bubbler" is the seventy ninth episode of ThunderCats (original series)


The Lunataks look for Thundrilium in a cave on Hook mountain only to be driven mad by a strange creature who turns them against each other.

The creature is called the Mad Bubbler, an ancient creature of Third Earth who lives in the old Thundrilium mine and has the power to turn all creatures into evil beings, and making people accept his motto - "destroy, or be destroyed". He manages to force the Lunataks (Luna, Amok, and Chilla) into fighting against each other, and afterwards Panthro, Tygra, and Cheetara.

They all fall under the Bubbler's power and begin fighting each other to the death. Lion-O, observing these occurrences through the sword of omens finds out from Jaga that Snarfs are not capable of evil. He summons Snarf and Snarfer and tell them to retrieve the Thundercats from the mine so that they can be returned to their normal selves.


In every person there is the capacity to choose good and evil. It's a choice.



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