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The Lighthouse is the seventh show of TigerSharks series. Half of the show has surfaced in English. The whole show has surfaced in Greek.


As Angel and Bronc are out in the waters near Waterian City, the Mantanas break the part connecting the Waterian City, sending it floating towards Killer Reef. Captain Bizarrly with his ship and crew see a chance, and take out the Lighthouse, leading to the Sark getting stuck on jagged rocks. The TigerSharks found themselves in even more trouble when Doc Walro and Mako fall in the water after the the Sark is hit by some cannon balls shot by Bizarrly crew.

Dolph and Lorca come to the rescue after changing into their aquatic forms. They save their two TigerShark crew that were overboard. Then thanks pirates cannon balls which shook the ship free, Octavia is then able to get the Sark off the reef. Mako then does on his own mission to cripple Bizarrly ship with a Underwater Drill which brought the ship to sinking. Next they used a heavy duty Ram device to separate and push Waterian City back to the previous location it was at and sealed the piece back in place so the city would stay in place as it was.


Listed in order as they first appear.


  • Fish-Head Cane (Doc Walro carries it, but doesn't use it)
  • Electric whip
  • Underwater Drill
  • Ram
  • Magnetic Clamps
  • Underwater Welding Equipment


  • Sailboard
  • The Mantana
  • Sark
  • Bizarrly's Pirates Ship
  • Two Person Sailboard


  • Waterian City
    • Council Building of Waterian City
  • Killer Reef
  • Lighthouse
  • Fish Tank