‘’The Formula is the one hundred third episode of ThunderCats (original series)


Alluro's new superfuel formula for Sky Tomb's engine unexpectedly seems to boost the growth of local plant and animal life to massive proportions. He and Luna give the potion to the Mutants, who sprinkle it around Cat's Lair.

The Mutants also capture Lynx-O and Snarf. But while the Mutants are preparing to transfer Lynx-O and Snarf from their cell, a mouse in the cell who Snarf had befriended gets some of the potion and attacks the Mutants. That lets Lynx-O and Snarf analyze the potion and come up with an antidote.

Meanwhile, Lion-O, Pumyra, and the Thunderkittens are fighting off huge bugs in the forest that has grown around Cats Lair. Lynx-O and Snarf arrive, sprinkle the antidote over the forest, and then watch as everything turns back to normal.





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