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The Forever Bag is the twenty second episode of ThunderCats (2011 TV series).


WilyKit, WilyKat, and Snarf track down a thief in Dog City.[1]

While Lion-O and the others are at Mount Plun-Darr, WilyKit and WilyKat are busy trying to catch Tookit and retrieve their things. They manage to find the raccoon, who decides to take the pair, and Snarf, to his place so that he could give them their things.

He shows them the Forever Bag, and introduces them to three fellow young pickpockets: Jenyo, Gusto, and Albo. Tookit then returns the siblings their items and gives them some gifts for their troubles. However, the gifts were stolen jewels that cause the siblings to end up in hot water with the law.

Tookit sends his thieves to help the siblings out, and the kids quickly escape the guards. Tookit then takes the group out to celebrate by having them rob several stores. However, when the Willies realize that Tookit's band of thieves were also stealing money and find out about his plan to rob a jewelry store, Kit and Kat work out a plan to foil him.

Working with the other young thieves, the Willies manage to trick Tookit with a bunch of phony Forever Bags, getting him to admit his involvement at preventing the thieves from having other options besides thievery. The Dog Cop hears this, and calls him despicable. The cop then chases Tookit, and captures him when the thief tries to use a phony bag to escape. The Cop takes Tookit to the Prison, and as he leaves the cell doors, the thief pulls out a hairpin he'd stolen earlier.