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The Forest Of Magi Oar is the eleventh episode of ThunderCats 2011.


When in the Forest of Magi-Oar, the ThunderCats send WilyKit, WilyKat and Snarf to search for firewood. After they return, they start a fire and lie down to rest. Lion-O talks with Tygra about his frustrations with the Sword of Omens not working. Lion-O starts to ask if he is even the right person for the sword and shows his jealousy towards Tygra's possible affections for Cheetara, suggesting a later clash between them to win her over. He then throws some wood onto the fire that releases several assumingly evil spirits around them. After Lion-O and the rest of the ThunderCats cannot defeat them, the ThunderCats are saved by a group calling themselves the Wood Forgers, who have a talent of using paper magic in combat.

The Wood Forgers lead them back to their home where they have a paper mill set up and tell Lion-O of a monster bird known as Viragor. The ThunderCats come to their aid when the group is threatened by Viragor, and Cheetara loses her staff to the monster. Tygra manages to save her but Lion-O gets captured by the monster while trying to help.

After he tries again to make the sword work for him, he seemingly realizes something important and abandons the Sword of Omens. Viragor charges, then captures Lion-O in his claws. However, instead of eating him as Lion-O fears, the pair start to talk.

Viragor reveals that it is he who is the protector of the forest and the Wood Forgers are slowly destroying the forest. Lion-O also learns that he couldn't use his sword against the spirits earlier because it can only be used to defeat evil, suggesting that the spirits were friendly.

Lion-O returns to Wood Forgers' school on Viragor's back and tells the rest of the ThunderCats the truth, much to the Wood Forgers disappointment. They then begin to fight, and after a few minutes, Lion-O and Viragor crash into the forest. Lion-O finally regains use of his sword and defeats the head Wood Forger and Viragor decides to take over the school. In the end Cheetara is given a new staff made from the oldest tree in the forest, which she accepts with great humility, while Lion-O learns to master sight beyond sight and discovers that the first power stone (The Spirit Stone) is in a portal within the hut of the Elephant village.



  • Cheetara is given a new magical staff at the end of the episode.


Lion-O: You're going to eat me, aren't you?

Viragor: Thinking about it.