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The Demolisher is the thirty eighth episode of ThunderCats (original series)


The Demolisher is a brown rottweiler-looking space traveler who is driven only by the desire to fight and destroy. He is accompanied by his side-kick and cheerleader, Dirge . He landed on Third Earth to challenge Mumm-Ra to a fight. Initially, The Demolisher is outclassed and humiliated by Mumm-Ra, until catching the latter off guard and unintentionally shows Mumm-Ra his own reflection. The Demolisher is then victorious against Mumm-Ra and sends him running back to his Tomb. Mumm-Ra acknowledges the power of Demolisher, and convinces him to seek and destroy Lion-O. The Demolisher, searching for another fight, gladly accepts Mumm-Ra's advice. He battles with Lion-O only to face defeat and flee in shame from Third Earth.


Lion-O: "Fight, Demolisher, but one day you'll meet your match, and your string of worthless victories will be ended by a pointless defeat."



  • The ball of light used by Mumm-Ra to guide the Mutants to his tomb chamber in The Unholy Alliance makes its second appearance in this episode.


Cats' Lair; Code of Thundera; ThunderTank; Onyx pyramid

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