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‘’The Book of Omens is the one hundred thirtieth episode of ThunderCats (original series)


Finally Panthro deciphers how to use the Key of Omens. He enters the code into the Book of Omens to open the lock and, suddenly, the Guardian of Omens is summoned and it tells the Thundercats they have 24 hours to present both the key and present four other items to the four places in disgrace (geological disasters) all over New Thundera.

All was proceeding correctly except for the key being stolen, stolen by the evil Mumm-Ra of course. However, he enters the Book just when Lion-O catches up with him and the pair do battle, the fight will go on inside the book for some time.

This presented a somewhat legitimate finale for the complete series, with an open ending.



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  • This is the series finale.
  • The series was continued in the Wildstorm comics.
  • Tygra, Jagara, and Pumyra are the only living ThunderCats who do not make an appearance in the finale of any kind, but they do make an appearance in the Wildstorm comics, which Pumyra makes a major appearance and Jagara make a minor appearance.


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