Technopede head
First appearance | Turmagar the Tuska
Last appearance | Mechanical Plague
Name | Technopede
Species | Robot
Weapon(s) | Lasers

The Giant Technopede was an eight-legged mechanical war machine of unknown origin that terrorized Third Earth. Armed with multiple cannons, this machine was responsible for threatening the Tuska as well as Tuskania's water supply.


In order to enlist help in defeating the Technopede, Turmagar the Tuska set out on his Gomplin to seek the assistance of the ThunderCats. The ThunderCats, who agreed to assist the Tuska, returned to Tuskania with the ThunderTank to engage the Technopede.

By the time the Turmagar returned with the ThunderCats, who included Tygra, Cheetara, Lion-O and Snarf, the Technopede had destroyed most of the Tuska city.


The Technopede nears defeat

Upon the arrival of the ThunderCats, the Technopede redirected its fire at the ThunderTank, disabling the vehicle's propulsion system, forcing the ThunderCats to engage the Technopede in hand-to-hand combat.

The Technopede was finally defeated following the arrival of Panthro, Wilykit and Wilykat onboard Turmagar's Gomplin. Together they destroyed the Technopede and prevented the destruction of Tuskania's water supply.


Technopede é um grande, caminhando veículo de combate é de cerca de 15 metros de altura e 30 metros de comprimento. O seu peso é mais de 1.000 toneladas, mas devido à grande área de 6 pés, o carro não se afunde no chão.

The machine has a powerful book (approx. 300 mm) and heavy weapons from the pulsed power tools, power tools radial and ballistic cluster bombs. It's armor is invulnerable to Tuska hand anti-tank rockets.

It is noteworthy that the machine does not have any weapons located at the bottom and is not able to fire at targets under them. Presumably, Technopede had to interact with an army, and it in turn would have protected it's infantry.

Technopede was able to review and revise tactics. Convinced of the failure of it's tactics against Cheetara, it went to the convergence to fire at close range. Its guidance system, obviously, did not allow shooting at several targets simultaneously, as Technopede always concentrated fire of all guns at one or at the other ThunderCats, instead of "press them to the ground," firing all at once. This origem or attack Tuskania is unknown.