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Tally-Hawk is Quicksilver's fighting hawk and the mascot of the SilverHawks series.


It was at HawkHaven with Stargazer before the current crew came there at Stargazer's request. Tally-Hawk first appeared giving a brief report that Mon*Star and his mob were heading towards HawkHaven. After the report, Stargazer gave Quicksilver the wrist Control Panel, which gave Quicksilver control over Tally-Hawk.


He is suggested to be obedient to the SilverHawks by way of the Control Panel, however he has shown feelings before for his original master, Stargazer.[1] He is somewhat of a pet to the crew and also friendly with his fellow fighting hawks on the SilverHawks side.

Physical Description

Unlike most of the fighting hawks of the series, he is like the SilverHawks and is partly metal and partly living hawk. The front higher part of its body and head are mostly a standard body of a hawk, but the rest of him is metal.

Powers and Abilities

Being controlled by the wrist watch like Control Panel, he is obedient to Quicksilver. He is a spy and interceptor for the SilverHawks.[2] He also can fire lasers and can break metal with its wings.[3]


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