The Sycorax is a dinosaur-like monster whose skin and bone-plated armor make it extremely relentless and almost invincible before it died. The creature lived and died, long before the series began.


Wanting to finally kill off Lion-O and the other Thundercats after the events of Mount Plun-Darr, Mumm-Ra uses the Ancient Spirits to resurrect the Sycorax while transforming himself into spirit energy to enter the monster to use as a body so he can attack his enemies in daylight. Though Mumm-Ra uses Pumyra as a beacon to direct him to the Thundercats' location, the Sycorax is revealed to have an unforeseen weakness to the leaves of the rare Caracara tree. After Ponzi's pet caterpillar Lucy ate all the Caracara leaves he and the Thundercats were gathering, she metamorphoses into an adult and crystallizes the Sycorax upon being exposed to her wings' Caracara-infused scales. As the crystallized remains shatter, Mumm-Ra emerges in his raven form while fleeing.



  • While the name is of Shakespearian origin, "Sycorax" may also play on "Tyrannosaurus Rex".
  • The Sycorax's fight with Lucy parodied the fight scenes from movies involving a battle between Toho monsters Godzilla and Mothra. In the cause of the former monster, Godzilla's Tristar variation, called Zilla in Japan, may have inspired the Sycorax's design.
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