The Stone Giant

The Stone Giant is a gigantic behemoth made of stone who resides near the village of the Elephants. This creature has an apparent desire to eat the temples of the Elephants' village. However it is kept at bay by the buzzing of the Wraiths whose sounds keep the creature in a dormant state.

The creature has a bonsai-like tree growing atop its head. This tree appears to be the Stone Giant's "core", as shown when the Stone Giant suffers damage the tree begins to glow and then draws the broken parts of the stone body back together.


Due to its large size the Stone Giant possesses great strength and endurance, and because of its tree it can regenerate from any major damage. However, the Stone Giant appears to be vulnerable to high frequency sounds.


Sight Beyond Sight

When Lion-O found out that the Elephants were having their food stolen by the Wraiths, he went off to exterminate most of the Wraiths and then trapped them within their own cave. Once the creatures were silenced, the Stone Giant was awoken and went forth to devour the Elephants' village Despite the ThunderCats efforts to keep the beast at bay, their attacks barely did any harm to it due to its great regenerative abilities. Luckily WilyKit uses her magic flute (which she learned to go in sync with), along with the Elephants' trunks to release a large blast of amplified sound that shatters the Stone Giant, putting an end to the beast once and for all.


  • It is unknown if there is more than one of these creatures.
  • The giant is most likely based on both the Stone Giants and Rock Giant from the original series.
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