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Steelwill is a mechanic and strong member of the SilverHawks along with his twin sister Steelheart.


Sergeant Will Hart is Emily Hart's twin brother. They are the "scientists" and "gearheads" of the team. They share an empathic bond in that when one sibling feels something, the other feels it as well. They are the only SilverHawks who have had real stainless steel hearts implanted during their transformation.  He and his sister were the ones who created the four Fighting Hawks. His weapon-bird is Stronghold.


Steelwill is a SilverHawk, a human law enforcement officer modified into a cyborg to withstand the effects of hyper ravel through space. This grants him enhanced physical abilities, such as strength, agility, and speed.  Unique among the SilverHawks, his face plate is a football helmet, unlike the hawk like covers of his teammates, while flying or fighting, as well as built in wings for atmospheric and space flying/gliding. He has a built in laser in his arm, and in one episode it also showed a built in fire extinguisher, for combat and retractable talons in his feet for attacking while flying.  He is the strongest of the SilverHawks, allowing him and Steelheart to be the only members of the team that can out wrestle Mumbo Jumbo. The SilverHawk procedure also enhanced his psychic bond with his sister, enabling him to psychically communicate with his sister Steelheart even in vast distances from each other. Within close distances, they can also combine their will to give themselves a power boost. Likewise, this bond is mimicked with their Weapon-Birds, Rayzor and Stronghold.