Star Comics
Name | Marvel Comics
Affiliation | ThunderCats

Star Comics was a Marvel Comics imprint that began in 1984 and continued until early 1988. They published a number of comics based on popular licensed properties such as Care Bears, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Duckula, and Silverhawks among others. One of Star Comics' inaugural titles was ThunderCats. This series lasted 24 issues and was the first comic series printed to be based on the ThunderCats brand. Some of the issues were retellings of episodes from the series, and others endeavored to tell original stories.

The first 8 issues were published bimonthly which was then changed to a monthly publication for the reminder of the issues.

Survival Run Tears of Sunrise Siege in Silver and Stone Jaga Quest Star5cover.jpg Mumm-ra Times Three Back to Thundera To the Victor, the Spoils The Price of Pride Graveyard of Memories The Enemy Below Berserker Rage Snarf Takes up the Challenge Safari Jo The Time Capsule The Queen of Eight Legs Tower of Traps Pumm-ra Doomgaze Excalibur Father Snarf Bad Playmates Dr. Dometone Through A Dark Glass


This is the only place to see the toyline character the Stinger as this character never appeared on the ThunderCats (original series) show.

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