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The Spirit Stone

The Spirit Stone is one of the four stones of power. It currently resides within the Gauntlet of Omens and wielded by Lion-O.

Powers & Abilities

The Spirit Stone as it appears in the Astral Plane.

The full purpose and abilities of the stone are not fully defined, however, what is known is that the stone protects the user's life with its mystical powers. It has the ability to bring back the dead and can be used to create a powerful energy shield to protect its user and allies.

When attached to the Gauntlet of Omens, it has the ability to extend the gauntlet into a higher complex form of combat armor, the Armor of Omens.


Long ago, Lord Mumm-Ra learned of the stone's existence and went to great lengths to acquire it. The relic became one of the treasures in Mumm-Ra's possession, along with two other similar gems, and he would eventually use them to conquer the universe.

After the initial defeat of Mumm-Ra, the Power Stones were divided among the species, the Spirit Stone was given to the Elephants.

After Grune freed Mumm-Ra, the undead being once more sought to reclaim the Spirit Stone, which he claimed was one of his treasures. This brought him into conflict with Lion-O and the ThunderCats as they too were trying to obtain the stone.



  • The Spirit Stone can produce a forcefield to deflect attacks.
  • The Spirit Stone has the power to grant the wielder a second chance at life if they die while wearing it.