The Soul Sever was once a being of flesh and blood turned into a cyborg for warcraft.


He once had a family that he lost to a plague. Overcome with grief, a race of Cyborgs called the Necromechs offered to bring their souls back in the form of new cyborgs in exchange for his servitude. But in doing so, the Necromechs had to transform him into a cyborg as well.

Over time, the Soul Sever became obsessed with technology, so obsessed that he would divulge himself in forbidden experiments to achieve immortality, constantly looking for a way to combine both machine and soul into one. He would stop at nothing and would go to a great length to fulfill his desire, a length in which he slaughtered every Necromech to prevent them from stopping him. What is left of the Necromechs is not quite known, but it is seen that the Soul Sever used their remaining parts to construct new robot slaves.

The reconstructed Necromechs would constantly bring him tools and machinery for his experiments, but each ended in disaster. The Soul Sever always held this deep belief that robots were lifeless and soulless machinery, incapable of making a choice and only beings who follow their programming. It was not until he came across the Book of Omens and discovered that the book held both soul and machinery into one, believing that the key to his experiment was through the book. When the ThunderCats arrived, the Soul Sever captured them and planned to test the soul transfer experiment by using it on the Cats, powered by the Book of Omens, to ensure the experiment is safe for the three spirits of his deceased family contained in pods.

As the Cats are about to be killed, Flicker frees Lion-O with an electric bolt, but is damaged by Soul Sever. Lion-O battles the villain as Tygra is given a robotic form. But the robotic Tygra begins to integrate all metal surrounding him, and Panthro escapes before he is killed. Robo-Tygra consumes the souls of Sever's family from the pods just to continue to function and Sever states that a powerful charge equal to the Book of Omens must short circuit the robot. Lion-O asks a still functioning Flicker to use a GigaSpark on the book, but Sever doesn't want to for fear of losing his family, until Lion-O tells him, "You've already lost them! Letting them go is the only thing you can do!"

The plan works and Tygra returns to his body, while the souls of Sever's family pass on. After seeing how Flicker suffered for causing the surge which saved Tygra, Lion-O remarks on how technology's use is dependent on the users. The Soul Sever questions how is it that Flicker, a machine, was capable of making a choice, to risk his life for them. He claims that it was just a part of his programming, at to which Lion-O remarks that it was not his programming but something else instead (implying that robots do have a soul). The Cats retrieve their book as Soul Sever grieves and Flicker restarts.



  • Soul Sever is voiced by Jeffery Combs who is best known for his work in the Re-Animator films where he also plays a scientist obsessed with returning the dead to life.
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