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Snowman is a man that lives in a house on Hook Mountain and appears in 2020 animated series, ThunderCats Roar.


Snowman has a history of losing his pals to SparkleMa, as he notes.

When Lion-O and Tygra found themselves in a blizzard on Hook Mountain, they took shelter in his home. He greeted Tygra the next morning as he woke up in the Snowman's bed. Lion-O took to the Snowman pretty much from the instant they met, Tygra didn't trust Snowman. Snowman then locked them in his home to protect them from SparkleMa, which was outside. When the rest of the ThunderCats show up and are attacked outside of the house, Snowman releases them. Snowman and his pet Snowmeow join in and take out the last Giant Spider that had snuck up on Snarf, stopping it with a net from Snowman's net gun. Ultimately, everyone including Snowman were swallowed by SparkleMa. Later, Snowman and Snowmeow were spotted running the "Dat Ders Eatin Snow" booth at the Third Earth Craft Fair.