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Snowman lives in the Castle of the Snowmen on Hook Mountain with his pet and steed Snowmeow. They are both loyal allies of the ThunderCats.


In the first couple of episodes in which he appeared, Snowman is called Snow Knight. When the ThunderCats leave for New Thundera (Return to Thundera I) Snowman & Snowmeow are appointed members of The League of Third Earth, together with Willa & Nayda, Robear Bill & Belle and Mandora.

Physical Description

I large ape-like man, wearing snow gear, face covered in hair.


At first, a very disagreeable man, but with earned respect, can be a friendly and helpful ally. He has shown some hero traits as well, including even trying to warn the Lunataks of the Old Thundrilium Mine's curse, protecting the forests near Hook Mountain, and protecting and rescuing the ThunderCats.

Powers and Abilities

He wields ice objects with powers to change the ice's composition, and to freeze other objects through object at hand. His straight forward weapon to weapon combat abilities are quite good as well. He was a formidable opponent to Lion-O and showed he loves a good challenge.




  1. From ThunderCats (original series), Episode: Snarf Takes up the Challenge, (TS: 14:20-14:41) Slithe says: "...And we're bully the Berbils...", Monkian says: "We're terrorize the Tabbuts. With the Wolos.", Vultureman says: "And the Snowman."