Snarf Eggbert
First appearance | ThunderCubs, Part 3
Last appearance | Malcar
Name | Snarf Eggbert
Species | Snarf
Affiliation | ThunderCats
Voiced by | Larry Kenney

Snarf Eggbert, along with Snarf Oswald and a few others of their kind, survived the destruction of Thundera, and became the ThunderCats main contacts on New Thundera.


Eggbert and Oswald were among a group of Snarfs being held prisoner by Mumm-Ra's pet Ma-Mutt on the newly reformed planet of Thundera. The pair was eventually freed by the ThunderCat's and they pledged to aid the Cat's any way they could from then on.

Later Eggbert and Oswald found an artifact that they assumed was a piece of the lost Treasure of Thundera. However the item was actually an evil magical object known as the Locket of Lies. Thankfully the ThunderCat's were able to save themselves from Mumm-Ra's trap once again.


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