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Snarf is a pet of the lead protagonist of the 2020 animated series, ThunderCats Roar. It would seem he is at-least in part a robot.


Like the rest of the group of ThunderCats, he is from the planet Thundera which blew up. He along with his fellow crew crash landed on Third Earth.


Snarf is pretty much Lion-O's pet. Snarf acts pretty much like a house cat until real danger strikes. He will protect his owner.

Physical Description

Powers and Abilities

He seems to be robotic, therefore he reveals abilities as needed.

List of mechanics revealed:

  • Laser Cannon (seen in:"Exodus, Part 1")
  • Chainsaw (seen in:"Exodus, Part 1", "Exodus, Part 2")
  • Catapult (seen in:"Exodus, Part 1", "Exodus, Part 2")
  • Video game system and controllers (seen in:"The Legend of Boggy Ben")
  • Rocket pack (seen in:"The Legend of Boggy Ben", "Prank Call")
  • Extending arms (seen in:"Prank Call")
  • Boombox, speakers and DJ turntable (seen in:"Secret of the Unicorn")
  • Toaster (seen in:"Secret of the Unicorn")




Robotic/Odd Features

Expand/Collapse Area