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For the '80s incarnation, see Snarf.

"Snarf" is a creature of, as of yet, unknown origin and species. He accompanies Lion-O. Snarf often nags Lion-O about doing anything he thinks is dangerous. Still, Snarf has remained loyal to Lion-O, no matter what trouble he walks into.


Very little is known of Snarf's personal history before the fall of Thundera. Snarf: Butterflies Blues shows that he had lived in the palace of Thundera since Lion-O was a baby.


Snarf is a small, cat-like creature with an underbelly that looks similar to the underbelly of a turtle. His tail is long and comes to a point, with a fluff of white fur at the end. The main part of his fur is a sort of mahogany color. There is white fur around his face, and has a yellow mowhawk-esque fluff on the top of his head. His paws are also yellow.


Little is known of the new Snarf's personality due to his inability to speak, however much like the original Snarf, he shows a great deal of worry for Lion-O's safety when he's about to do something dangerous and is very protective of his dear friend, despite his cowardice, the pair have a strong bond. He and Lion-O have a deep level of understanding and can communicate without any problem despite Snarf's lack of a vocabulary. Snarf is rather lazy and spends most of his time either eating or lounging about on something such as a tree.


Snarf is very loyal to Lion-O. For instance, despite his small size, he can come through in a pinch during a fight.



  • This version of Snarf doesn't seem to be able to speak the Thundercat's language. However, Lion-O seems to be able to understand him anyway.
  • Snarf stars in the Cartoon Network two-minute ThunderCats short titled Snarf: Butterflies Blues.