Cartoon Network aired a two-minute ThunderCats short titled “Snarf: Butterflies Blues.”


Snarf is left in charge to watch after a rambunctious baby Lion-O chasing a butterfly.

Baby Lion-O follows it through town, narrowly avoiding disaster along the way. Snarf does his best to catch up with and save Baby Lion-O, but ends up suffering the consequences that Baby Lion-O escapes. At the end of the day, when Snarf believes he failed by losing Baby Lion-O, the butterfly returns along with Baby Lion-O. King Claudus congratulates Snarf on a job well done and appoints him as Baby Lion-O's personal caretaker. As Snarf prepares Baby Lion-O for bed, several butterflies appear, much to Baby Lion-O's delight, and to Snarf's chagrin.



  • This episode holds great similarity to the Warner Brothers' cartoon called Buttons & Mindy; about a dog always watching over an adventurous and troublesome baby. The opening screen too, is based on Looney Toons'.
  • Snarf's role as Lion-O's "babysitter" in this episode is probably based on the original Snarf, who tended as Lion-O's nurse from when he was a cub.


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