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Sly-Bird is Stargazer's fighting hawk.


It's unknown when or who made the Sly-Bird, but it first appeared as a last ditch effort on Stargazer's part when everyone at the time went silent. It confirmed that all the SilverHawks were captured by Mon*Star's Mob, and taken to dungeons in Mon*Star's Fortress.

Another time, when Tally-Hawk went missing, it was sent out by Bluegrass to collect images of Bedlama City. During a different time, Sly-Bird on routine surveillance reported the mob leaving all together to do something. This later turned out to be a trick to get everyone, but Stargazer to leave HawkHaven. At a different patrol, it captured footage of Hardware going into a time warp, which was shown to Stargazer and Flashback.

One other time, Sly-Bird along with Gyro and Backlash went on a search for Dirty Larry. At another time, Sly-Bird was sent out to patrol Brim*Star, Yes-Man and Mumbo Jumbo spotted the bird and Mumbo sent out his own fighting hawk, Airshock to deal with it.

Physical Description

It is mostly gold with a few red and black makings. Its most defining feature is the blue camera lens on it's belly. It's left eye is somewhat like Stargazer's.

Powers and Abilities

It has abilities to photograph and video record, making it's main job to spy and report for Stargazer. It has two camera lenses, one being it's left eye and the other being on it's stomach. It can display photos and video on its same belly lens, while his left eye can also project images.



  • It would be made as a weapon bird accessory for Kenner's Stargazer.