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Slithe is the leader of the Mutants and a very dangerous enemy of the ThunderCats.


Slithe and Vultureman both were on Thundera before it exploded trying to get the copy of the plans for the Plun-Darr War Robot from Claudus. They ended up leaving, not getting the copy but assuming it be destroyed along with the planet.

He later was with Jackalman and Monkian and all their respective armies on the Mutant Mothership, chasing the Royal Flag Ship for the Eye of Thundera in the hilt of the Sword of Omens. This was right after Thundera had met it's fate.

After taking out all the other Thunderian Ships, they used grappling rays to hold the Royal Flag Ship as the Mutants lead by Slithe, came on board. Slithe along with Jackalman finally found it with Lion-O and Snarf. Jackalman used a Net Gun to disable Snarf, however the Sword of Thundera came to life, and both him and Jackalman fled back to the Mothership. Years later, right after the Royal Flag Ship crash landed on Third Earth the mutants caught up with the ship. Led by Slithe, the mutants, armies came down to the surface to search for the sword. Lion-O, however, called to his fellow ThunderCats, which woke and released them from their capsules. Quickly seeing that they were losing against the ThunderCats, Slithe told everyone to retreat.

Physical Description

Unlike Jackalman and Monkian (whose appearances are identical to other mutants of their kind), Slithe stands out from other Reptilians because of his ears. Slithe has a rather stocky build. He also possesses a strong muscular tail which he often uses as a weapon by swinging it and knocking his opponent off their feet.


Although lacking sophistication, he can be very cunning. Domineering and impatient, Slithe often must browbeat the other Mutants into going along with his plans. He has a tendency to emphasize on pronouncing the letter "S" in his speech, usually ending his sentences with the question, "Yes-s-s?".

The self-appointed leader of the Mutants on Third Earth, Slithe is often ruthless, cruel and always without remorse. One of Slithe's greatest weaknesses as a leader is his arrogant personality, Which often leads to overconfidence in battle, also he's often considered an unpopular leader with the other Mutants. However it should be noted that many of the Mutants, including Jackalman and Monkian prefer his leadership over that of the well known and highly regarded General Ratar-O.

Slithe often demonstrates a very dry and sarcastic wit. Usually reserved for insulting his own troops. Sarcasm is often used by Slithe after one of his men has accidentally stated an obvious fact.

Powers and Abilities