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SilverHawks are the name of the group of metallic uniforms officers. The SilverHawks are volunteers. They were recruited and constructed by the Federal Interplanetary Force, which they work directly for and get paid by.


Dating back atleast 300 years, the SilverHawks were constructed to fight the mob and related outlaws in the Limbo Galaxy. On the fortieth day of 2839 during the Moon-Star burst, Mon*Star used the light from the burst to transform, giving him the strength to break out of the Penal Planet. He later that day returned and freed his mob members. He then began his terror of Limbo once more. Stargazer called Earth command calling for help. Federal Interplanetary Force 1 fitted five specially chosen personnel to become the new SilverHawks.

Second Canon

Stargazer was slated to become Fastback in comic book #6 but had to leave before fitting.

Super-Android Body enhancements

In order to transport from Earth to Limbo, the recruits needed to be fitted with cybernetic enhancements. Besides making it so they can withstand the extreme flights, they also depending on the model have built in abilities. It is worth noting that Stargazer and Condor are of a older time period before 2839 (likely over 300 years before that), therefore they both lack the abilities of the SilverHawks introduced throughout the series. Bluegrass also lacks enhancements for combat, as he is the pilot, therefore combat abilities were not deemed needed for his service.

It is assumed that all the 2839 bodies (other than Bluegrass) have built in: shoulder jets, arm jets, heel jets, talons, wings[1], and smoke jets[2]. It is assumed they are all temperament to handle up to half a million degrees.[3]

Some of the SilverHawks have built in special abilities as well. The Copper Kidd features a built in computer in his metal arm for hacking abilities along with a location on the sides of his hips to hold Laser Discs. Steelheart and Steelwill were fitted with mechanical hearts, due to problems found with their real hearts.[4] Hotwing has a additional laser on his forehead which he tends to use with his magic abilities. Flashback has his built in Time Warp abilities, as well as a noted higher heat temperament of 8 million to 10 million degrees. Moon Stryker was the most recently fitted of the SilverHawks, which included the newly added self propelled flight abilities through use of a turbine.


Fighting Hawks

  • Tally-Hawk -Originally controlled by Stargazer, he now is controlled by Quicksilver. As a spy satellite, he did most of the surveillance including watching Brimstar. He has laser shooting abilities, and built in sharp claws.
  • Stronghold -Steelheart's Fighting Hawk. The main feature of the bird is razor sharp claws.
  • Rayzor -Steelwill's Fighting Hawk.
  • Mayday -Copper Kidd's Fighting Hawk.
  • Sideman -Bluegrass's Fighting Hawk.
  • Sly-Bird -Stargazer's Fighting Hawk.
  • Gyro -Hotwing's Fighting Hawk.
  • Backlash -Flashback's Fighting Hawk.
  • Tailspin -Moon Stryker's Fighting Hawk.


  • Laser Discs -Discs in Copper Kidd's hips that he could remove and throw. They had special abilities, though that changed depending on the occasion.
  • Hot Licks -Bluegrass' guitar, it was a weapon that could emit a music/laser that can lift and tie-up objects and people.
  • Lariat -A simple rope, that Bluegrass had when needed.
  • Laser Talon Gun -Condor's gun that functioned a few different ways. It was mostly shown as a grabbling device, but could as well be a normal laser gun.
  • Flight Pack -Condor's jet pack, which he used to fly.


  • Mirage -The main vehicle, which holds five SilverHawks. Usually piloted by Bluegrass.
    • Hot-Seat -In battle, Bluegrass sometimes elects to use the mirage effect, which makes the passenger storage and main thrusters disappear, leaving the front part of the ship. This is handy for Bluegrass so he can get into air battle.
  • Sprinthawk -A major aircraft that is handy for solo flying. This ship was most commonly used by Quicksilver, though many of the SilverHawks got to use it for missions.
  • Space Racer -Copper Kidd's racer was used most of the time by Copper Kidd to patrol.
  • Equalizer -A over three hundred years old motorcycle that Stargazer had brought to Limbo galaxy when first assigned. It was mostly used by Stargazer, though it was used by others much of the time. It had a attachable sidecar on some occasions.


Impostors/Fakes SilverHawks

  • Darkbird
  • Quicksilver Clone
  • Bluegrass Clone
  • Steelheart Clone
  • Steelwill Clone
  • Copper Kidd Clone


  • Condor was the only SilverHawk not to get a fighting hawk. In the Kenner toyline, Condor's Jet Stream rocket pack is called a "Weapon Bird" even though it was never shown to be that in the show.


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