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Sight Beyond Sight is the tenth episode of ThunderCats 2011.


While driving through the desert, Panthro tells Lion-O that the Book of Omens has detected one of the three magical stones. During a race between the ThunderTank, Lion-O, Tygra, and Cheetara, WilyKit and WilyKat accidentally sets off the missiles which they evade. Upon arriving outside a giant temple, the ThunderCats end up meeting a group of Elephants led by Aburn and Anet where they ask where the magical stone is. Under the suggestion of Anet, Lion-O ends up using the Sword of Omens' power and is told that he must be in harmony with the Sword of Omens.

During practice, the Elephants' village is attacked by the insect-like Wraiths who are after their harvest. Following the Wraiths' attack, Anet states that they have some food left to harvest. Anet tells Lion-O to be in harmony with the Sword of Omens, and Lion-O vows to get the stolen harvest back. When WilyKit plays her flute, Aburn and WilyKat end up joining in on her performance, which attracts the attention of the other Elephants, who join in as well.

Meanwhile, Lion-O climbs up a cliff leading to the Wraith's lair and loses his grip when they attack. Luckily, Lion-O uses his Claw to grip onto the side of the cliff as the Wraiths swarm all over him. Lion-O dives into a hole in a cliff and ends up discovering that the hole is actually their hive. Upon getting out, Lion-O uses the Sword of Omens to seal the cave in order to keep them in. Just then, a Stone Giant awakens and finds some dead Wraiths.

Later that night, Lion-O returns and learns from Anet that the "universe is out of tune" and that their sounds is what kept the Stone Giant away. While the Elephants meditate, the ThunderCats do battle with the Stone Giant where they discover that every attack they do on it, the Stone Giant reassembles. Upon trapping the ThunderCats, the Stone Giant attacks the Elephants' village and starts eating their village. Wilykit and the Elephants end up playing some music loud enough for the Stone Giant to crumble. As the Elephants rebuild their village, Anet puts Lion-O through his harmony training again and is able to use the Sword of Omens' power to find one of the magical stone in a nearby hut. When the magical stone isn't seen there, Anet tells the ThunderCats to go to the Forest of Magi-Oar in order to amplify the Sword of Omens' power.



  • The elephants having bad memory is a joke based on the idea that elephants have good memory.