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"Side Swipe" is the eighty fifth episode of ThunderCats (original series).


Chilla freezes Snarfer's spaceship as he heads back to the Tower of Omens with the Berbil.  When Mandora gets involved, Chilla freezes her and becomes a fugitive from the law as Mandora sets her sights on bringing her in.

Mandora insists on the Thundercats' help to capture Chilla. But when she and Lynx-O go to Dark Side to capture Chilla, they fall into one of the Lunataks' traps. It seems that the Lunataks wanted the Braille board so that the Thundercats could not get to them. But when the board disappears, they try to get the information from Lynx-O as to where it went, but Mandora escapes and frees Lynx-O. She is tricked however and she and Lynx-O are shot up into space in a pod.

Lion-O brings them down by using the Sword, and they return to Dark Side and Mandora succeeds in capturing Chilla.


The law is the law and the degree to which it is broken is not the point.

There is one universal law: Good vs Evil



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