Secret of the Unicorn is the sixth episode of ThunderCats Roar, the 2020 TV series.

Cartoon Network Preview

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Season 1 - Episode 6
A crying unicorn appears at the Cats' Lair and weepily tells the ThunderCats that all of her unicorn friends have been captured! Tygra thinks he's just the unicorn expert to help the last of the unicorns, he just needs her to stop sobbing long enough to tell him who took her friends. Easier said than done.







  • While Castle Plun-Darr was briefly shown being built in episode Driller, this is the first time it was shown in use.
  • This is the second episode (not counting the brief meanwhile clip in episode Driller) that features the mutants. The first was Exodus, Part 1.
  • This is the first episode to show Jackalman and Monkian fight on foot with the ThunderCats.
  • Running gag of referencing the ugly Albino Pusmother twice, then being shown.


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