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Satomi Kohrogi is a Japanese actress, voice actress, singer and narrator from Tokyo.

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She is known for her roles as: Himawari Nohara and Daisy Nohara in the "Crayon Shin-chan/Shin-chan franchise", Omni King in "Dragon Ball Super", May in "Guilty Gear", and Togepi, Sparky, and Pichu Little in Pokémon.

Notable Credits

Credits taken from IMDb, and is meant to only be a brief list of highlights of their career.

  • Saint Tail (TV Series) - Voice Acted for thirty-eight episodes (1995)
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena (TV Series) - Voice Acted for twenty-seven episodes (1997)
  • Twin Princess of Wonder Planet (TV Series) - Voice Acted for fifty-one episodes (2005-2006)
  • Dragon Ball Super (TV Series) - Voice Acted for forty-two episodes (2016-2018)
  • Shinchan (TV Series) - Voice Acted for twenty-three episodes (1992-2021)



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