Safari Joe
First appearance | Safari Joe
Last appearance | Fond Memories
Name | Safari Joe
Gender | Male
Species | Human
Voiced by | Larry Kenney

"Safari Joe does it AGAIN!" - Safari Joe's motto.

Safari Joe is an intergalactic big-game hunter with the aid of his robot assistant, Mule.


Under the assumption that he will find "good hunting", Safari Joe travels to Third Earth. He then hunts the ThunderCats, he manages to capture most of the Thundercats by exploiting their weakness'; Wilykit and Wilykat (shoots darts into their spaceboards), Cheetara (energy bolts), Tygra (who can't swim), Panthro (bats), but is ultimately defeated by his prey.

Safari Joe is not a man of integrity. He would give his word as a sportsman, then turn around and renege on his promise.

After the Thundercats were freed from their cages, Panthro reprogrammed Mule so that Safari Joe could be monitored when the former interstellar big game hunter left Third Earth in peace.

Later clones of Safari Joe, along with Rataro , Slithe , and Spidera were made by Mumm-Ra in an attempt to kill Lion-O.



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