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The Royal Flag Ship is the ship that Jaga and the Thundercats used to escape the destruction of Thundera.


The only surviving ship was actually the flagship (which was spared from a desire by the Mutants to capture the Sword of Omens )

During this battle, the ship's navigation system was damaged and could not maintain its own course. As a result, Jaga had to stay out of suspended animation capsule and sail independently for the rest of his life. After his death, the navigation system which Jaga had activated prior to dying, took over management of the autopilot. The last part of the trip to Third Earth was completed by the ship on autopilot.

The ship eventually crashed on Third Earth. It is not known why the ship's landing system failed (possibly due to degradation of the equipment under the influence of the interstellar radiation in flight). The crash destroyed most of the ship and scattered the suspension capsules with the ThunderCats still inside all over the crash site.

Wreckage from the ship was used to build the Cats Lair and the ThunderTank.

Powers and Abilities

This is a relatively large ship, which is a "sleeper ship". It is designed to carry crew members in suspended animation for long interstellar distances.

It is not known exactly whether the ship is faster-than-light, or a relativistic spaceship. The extremely long travel from Thundera to Third Earth (more than 12 years of on board, subjective time, and an unknown number of years of objective time) rather points to the impossibility to exceed the speed of light.

The ship has on-board pulse weapons. However, during the battle at the end of Thundera, a fleet of such ships was easily destroyed by the only one Mutants space-carrier and its air wing. Thunderian weapons systems were almost useless to oppose the more maneuverable mutant spacefighters.



  • Despite the ships' size, it only had eight ThunderCats on board. Perhaps, this ship was supposed to be primarily the cargo transport for the equipment, required for the colonists on a new planet, and most of the settlers were on the other ships (destroyed during the Exodus). Howewer, nothing else was told about it.
  • It's also possible that more Thundarians where meant to be on the ship but, like Lynx-O's group. They were unable to get to the ship before it took off.