First appearance | ThunderCats Ho! The Movie
Last appearance | ThunderCats Ho! The Movie
Name | Ro-Bear-Bob
Gender | Male
Species | Berbil
Affiliation | ThunderCats
Weapon(s) | None
Voiced by | None

Ro-Bear-Bob is one of the two Berbils that rescued Lynx-O, Pumyra, and Bengali from the destruction of planet Thundera.  The other being Ro-Bear-Bert.  Ro-Bear-Bob tends to do most of the communicating with the Thunderians.


Ro-Bear-Bert and Ro-Bear-Bob are passing by Thundera in the Berbil spacecraft when Ro-Bear-Bob sees Thunderian survivors and they decide to stop and rescue them.

Once the hatch of the Berbil spaceship opens and the ladder descends, he pops his head out, introduces himself, and lets the Thunderians on board.  He explains that they are from "a very small planet" named Ro-Bear.  In the subsequent explosion of Thundera, Ro-Bear-Bob alerts Ro-Bear-Bert that the ship's fuel tank is damaged.  The spaceship is able to get to Third Earth, but not the Berbil Village, and it lands in the middle of the ocean on a small deserted island.

The Thunderians and Berbils construct a stockade on the island where they live for quite some time until they are discovered by Ma-Mutt and raided by the Berzerkers.

As an unknown ship appears on the horizon, he warns the Thunderians that his Berbil cousins warned about sails that look like those on the ship.  The ship does turn out to be the Berzerker ship and the Berzerkers disembark and advanced toward the island.  Pumyra attempts to fend them off with rounds of small rocks, but Top Spinner deflects these.   Then, with Ro-Bear-Bert he launches large rocks on catapults anchored by palm trees.  Once Cruncher destroys the rocks, the Berbils fall back inside the stockade.  Ram Bam plows through the closed entrance gate.  The Berbils evade Cruncher as he charges into a storage hut.

Ultimately, the stockade is overrun and they are all captured: Thunderians and Berbils.  However, the Berzerkers do not trade the Berbils to the Mutants as they do with the Thunderians.  It isn't until Part Four that Snarf inadvertently discovers the Berbils on board the Berzerker ship and sets them free, instructing them to take the jet boat to shore and to hide.


  • ThunderCats Ho! The Movie (Part One) - rescuing Bengali, Lynx-O, and Pumyra from Thundera; helping defend the stockade on the deserted island; captured by the Berzerkers and used as slave labor as a cook (with Ro-Bear-Bert)
  • ThunderCats Ho! The Movie (Part Four) - being rescued by Snarf from the Berzerker's ship (with Ro-Bear-Bert)

Notes and Trivia

Berbil Bert Series 2.jpg

  • Ro-Bear-Bob is mistakenly named as 'Berbil Bert (LJN Toyline)' since the light blue and yellow color patterns of this Ro-bear Berbil together with the wicker basket he carries is the image first seen when appearing in the small deserted island (since Ro-Bear-Bert is more of a dark blue color).
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