First appearance | Berbils
Last appearance | Dimension Doom
Appeared in | Seven Episodes
Species | Berbils

Ro-Bear Bill is the elder of the Ro-Bear Berbils. He and the Berbils are trusted allies of the ThunderCats. They helped build the Cats' Lair. He has dark brown fur which distinguishes him from the rest of the Berbils


The leader of Third Earth’s Berbil tribe, Ro-Bear Bill is both a gentle authority figure and the spokesperson for his people when interacting with the other races on the Berbils’ adopted planet.

Ro-Bear Bill is possessed of a typical personality for a Berbil, being friendly, generous, thoughtful and reliable. Like all Berbils, Ro-Bear Bill is clever and hard working, and is always a firm friend to the ThunderCats in times of need.

Since the Berbils arrived on Third Earth before the ThunderCats, they are well acquainted with their surroundings and have more knowledge of the various inhabitants, locations and dangers of Third Earth than the ThunderCats. This knowledge has enabled Ro-Bear Bill to assist the ThunderCats on many occasions.

Mumm-Ra once turned himself into Ro-Bear Bill and pretended to be injured in order to infiltrate Cats Lair.


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