Ro-Bear-Bert - Cooking for Berzerkers (Cropped).png
First appearance | ThunderCats Ho! The Movie
Last appearance | ThunderCats Ho! The Movie
Name | Ro-Bear-Bert
Gender | Male
Species | Berbil
Affiliation | ThunderCats
Weapon(s) | None
Voiced by | None

Ro-Bear-Bert cooking on board the Berserker's ship. As with all Berbil, Ro-Bear-Bert is skilled at agricultural work, growing special Berbil fruits. Ro-Bear-Bert is also a skilled cook.  Ro-Bear-Bert was one of the two Berbils that rescued Lynx-O, Pumyra and Bengali from the destruction of planet Thundera. The other one being Ro-Bear-Bob.

Ro-Bear-Bert appears to be the main pilot of the Berbil spacecraft. Ro-Bear-Bert does not talk as much as his fellow Berbil Ro-Bear-Bob.

Ro-Bear-Bert getting ready to launch a catapult at the Berserkers.

For a more detailed account, see the article on Ro-Bear-Bob.


  • ThunderCats Ho! The Movie (Part One) - rescuing Bengali, Lynx-O, and Pumyra from Thundera; helping defend the stockade on the deserted island; captured by the Berserkers and used as slave labor as a cook (with Ro-Bear-Bob)
  • ThunderCats Ho! The Movie (Part Four) - being rescued by Snarf from the Berserker's ship (with Ro-Bear-Bob).

Notes and Trivia

Berbil Bert Series 2.jpg

  • Ro-Bear-Bob is mistakenly named as 'Berbil Bert (LJN Toyline)' since the light blue and yellow color patterns of this Ro-bear Berbil together with the wicker basket he carries is the image first seen when appearing in the small deserted island (since Ro-Bear-Bert is more of a dark blue color).
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