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"Return to Thundera, Part 4" is the one hundred fourteen episode of ThunderCats (original series).


Mumm-Ra sends Ma-Mutt disguised as Mandora to free the Mutants from Captain Bragg's Circus Train and sends Bragg and Crowman floating into deep space. The Mutants are then ordered by Mumm-Ra to get rid of Tygra and Pumyra.

The Mutants attack Snowman on Hook Mt. and Snowmeow gets Pumyra for help and Tygra contacts the real Mandora to save Bragg and Crowman. Then together, they recapture the Mutants.

Meanwhile, on New Thundera, the earthquakes and tremors grow worse and the new Cat's Lair collapses trapping Snarf in the ruins. Lion-O uses the sword to contact the other Thundercats and they rush to the Lair to save Snarf. When they arrive Snarf tells Lion-O to give up on him, his words give Lion-O new strength instead and Lion-O is able to free Snarf.




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  • This episode would showcase the final appearances of the Mutants save for Vultureman who would later appear in the episode .


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