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Reptilians are a native species from the planet Plun-Darr. They are led by their ruthless leader, Slithe who commands them into battle against the ThunderCats.


The Reptilians hail from the planet Plun-Darr. Under the command of Slithe, they attacked the Thunderian Flagship in order to steal the Eye of Thundera. However, their attempts were thwarted by the ThunderCats. They neverthelesss followed the Flagship all the way to Third Earth where they again tried to gain possession of the Eye, albeit unsuccessfully. After this defeat at the hands of the Cats, most of the Reptilians left Third Earth in their spaceships. A few remained behind with the Mutants and worked for them as guards, cooks and fighters.

Physical Description

They are anthropomorphic lizard type creatures with thick scaly skin, claws and a tail. Their skin color varies from being green in some to grey in others. They have a scaly spine protruding from their backs which begins from their head and extends down their backs. They also have random dark spots and pigmentations on parts of their bodies. They are similar in appearance to their leader, Slithe but have smaller ears than him. The Reptilians are often dressed in toga-like garments and have bands around their arms and legs.

Powers and Abilities

They have little intelligence but what they lack in brains, they make up for in brawns. They have immense physical strength and don't hesitate to use it. They also possess a powerful tail which they can use to knock their opponents of their feet. They often attack in hordes, easily out-numbering and overpowering their enemies. They have command over a variety of weapons from Maces, axes and Battle clubs to high-energy laser guns.