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Quicksilver is the Leader of the SilverHawks, and he reports directly to Stargazer. He is the human partner of the cyborg bird Tally-Hawk.


Quicksilver, formerly Lt. Jonathan "Skip" Quick, was the head of the Interplanetary Force H, and has quite a strong record for following commands. He was selected to lead the new team of SilverHawks into securing and safeguarding the Limbo Galaxy.

Powers and Abilities

Quicksilver is a SilverHawk, a human law enforcement officer modified into a cyborg to withstand the effects of hyper travel through space. This grants him enhanced physical abilities, such as strength, agility, and speed. He has a hawk-like face plate that he can lower to cover his face while flying or fighting, as well as built-in wings for atmospheric and space flying/gliding. He has a built-in laser in his arm, located in the blue band, for combat, and retractable talons in his feet for attacking while flying. In the intro, it was shown that built into his shoulders are top-mounted lasers which can be used while flying.

Quicksilver is known for his quick reflexes during a given situation, and his quick thinking has often proven to be one of his greatest strengths.


He appears in all but eight episodes. Episodes he is not in:

Notable brief appearances: