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Quicksilver is the Leader of the SilverHawks, and he reports directly to Stargazer. He is the human partner of the fighting hawk, Tally-Hawk; which he controls with the Control Panel.


Quicksilver, formerly Jonathan Quick, was the head of the Interplanetary Force H, and has quite a strong record for following commands. He was selected to lead the new team of SilverHawks into securing and safeguarding the Limbo Galaxy.

On the demonstration/test day, Quicksilver proved to be a good leader when thrown a unexpected challenge and with the other SilverHawks defeated the Combat Drone. Leaving earth the following morning, Quicksilver along with the rest of the SilverHawks left in the Mirage to go to HawkHaven, the SilverHawks home for the next few centuries.

Physical Description

He has a light-grey silver colored SilverHawk suit. He looks overall like the standard SilverHawk. One notable difference is he wears the gold wrist device called a Control Panel.

Powers and Abilities

Quicksilver is known for his quick reflexes during a given situation, and his quick thinking has often proven to be one of his greatest strengths. Given by Stargazer, the Control Panel wrist device controls the fighting hawk, Tally-Hawk.

He seems to have the default SilverHawk suit for the year 2839, built with the same abilities as a normal SilverHawks. Such abilities being: shoulder jets, upper arm jets, heel jets, talons, appearing visor face cover, and wings.


He appears in all but eight episodes. Episodes he is not in:

Notable brief appearances: