Queen Tartara
First appearance | The Crystal Queen
Last appearance | The Crystal Queen
Name | Queen Tartara
Gender | Female

Queen Tartara, also called the Crystal Queen, is the beautiful, libidinous, and cruel ruler of the Crystal Kingdom on Third Earth.


She once stole the Arrietta Bird from the Berbil village so that it can sing exclusively for her. Tartara has an enormous treasure chamber were she not only keeps her gold and jewels, but also imprisoned anyone who has dared to look at her treasure. She is so obsessed with her treasure that even her guards wear a blindfold to prevent them from laying their eyes on it.

She managed to trap Lion-O in a crystal casing as punishment for being in her treasure room. Snarf entered the Queen's Treasure room by digging under. He manages to free the Arrietta bird so it could sing high notes to help get Lion-O out of the crystal casing. Panthro arrives in the ThunderTank before the queen's guards could destroy Lion-O, Snarf, and the Arrietta bird. It can be assumed that Queen Tartara perished as her kingdom collapsed.


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