Queen Luna was the grandmother of Luna, the leader of the current Lunataks.


She gained magical powers through the Mumm-Rana's Belt. She terrorized Third Earth, enslaving many of citizens and forcing them to work in underground Thundrillium mines. Eventually she was defeated by Mumm-Rana, as she was the only one who's power was greater than Queen Luna's. Afterwards, Mumm-Rana banished her to the Third Moon of Plun-Darr.

Many years Later, her granddaughter temporarily reclaimed the magic belt and sought rule over Third Earth once again. But thanks to the ThunderCats and Luna's own hubris, she, like her grandmother, was easily defeated by Mumm-Rana. Soon afterwards, Amok destroyed the belt as revenge for Luna abandoning him, thus ensuring that neither nor anyone else ever use the belt's power.

Powers and Abilities

Queen Luna's sceptre can emit orbs of various abilities, her green orb can cause her victim to become poisoned by its gas, her red orb can burn her victim to burn if touched by skin, her yellow orb can cause temporary blindness,her purple orb can upload information and return it to her sceptre 

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