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Queen and the royal Lady of the ThunderCats, she was Lion-O's mother and Tygra's adoptive mother.


She was the Queen of Thundera and ruled alongside her husband Claudus.

She considered Tygra a blessing from the gods and took him in as her own and gave him the title: prince of Thundera. However, when she and Claudus gave Tygra the news that he will be a big brother, she could no longer call him "My handsome little prince".

After Lion-O's birth she was shown to have died, most likely from complications.


She seems to have been an extremely kind woman, immediately taking in the infant Tygra, and raising him with love and adoration. She also seems to have been a woman of faith, taking it as a blessing when both Tygra and Lion-O came into her life, despite the latter causing her death. She also held much sadness when she could no longer call Tygra her "little prince", and blamed herself for her and Claudus' initial inability to conceive a child. She also seems to be where Lion-O inherited his more sympathetic and charitable nature from, as she was willing to help an orphaned baby Tiger, just as Lion-O was willing to help two tortured captives. She seems to embody the best of what it means to be a mother.


She possessed a lithe and slender frame that made her appear tiny when compared to that of her husband, Claudus. She also had a very kind and pretty face, resembling that of her biological son, Lion-O. She tended to wear simple but elegant white dresses and a red diamond tiara on her head.



Claudus had a loving and affectionate relationship with his wife. Both of them had longed for a cub for a long time, but he never blamed her for it. It wasn't until the arrival of Tygra that they were both overjoyed into adopting the young Tiger. However, after she died while giving birth to Lion-O, Claudus was obviously upset by this and took it upon himself to raise both Tygra and Lion-O.


Tygra had an extremely close and deep bond with his adopted mother who raised him from infancy. She and Claudus found the infant Tygra floating in a hot air balloon towards Thundera and took it upon herself to raise him as her son (due to their longing for a cub). She loved Tygra very dearly, hoping one day he would become prince and heir to the throne and giving him the title "My handsome little Prince". But after discovering she was pregnant with Lion-O, she was at first overjoyed but than extremely saddened that her son Tygra can no longer assume the throne (due to not being a biological member of the royal bloodline) and therefore she could no longer call him her "Little Prince". When she died giving birth to Lion-O, Tygra was extremely saddened by this, for on that night he lost two of the most important things to him his mother and his kingdom (this may have triggered Tygra's resentment towards Lion-O).


Lion-O never met his biological mother, having died while giving birth to him. But she did care deeply for him.


Her Name

According to Dan Norton[1] the crew considered her name to be Leona. However, Dan also states he doesn't know if the name cleared through legal, and therefore the name "The Queen" is used.