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Pumyra is a Cat who was forced to fight as a gladiatrix in the City of Dogs after ending up as a slave. The crew has said she was a soldier before Thundera fell, and not a healer like her original counterpart.


Fall of Thundera & Mumm-ra's Resurrection

When General Grune returned to Thundera, no one realized that he had secretly defected to Mumm-Ra's forces and was part of a massive assault force to destroy Thundera. When the Lizard Army attacked, Pumyra was on the front lines, defending Thundera. Unfortunately, Thundera was falling apart from the merciless assault of the Lizard Army and large parts of falling rubble crushed right on top of Pumyra. Although her lower body was crushed, she was still alive. Enduring up until dawn, Pumyra saw Lion-O, leaving to hunt down Mumm-Ra with Tygra and Cheetara, the three unable to hear her pleas for help as she dies hopeless and alone. However, believing the royals left her to die and their people to suffer, Pumyra's spirit became full of rage and could not pass on due to her new-found hatred towards the Thunderian royals. So great was her rage that the Well of Souls brought her to Mumm-Ra's attention. Mumm-ra summoned the power of the Ancient Spirits to help him resurrect Pumyra and have her become both a plant/spy as well as a homing beacon for Mumm-ra to trail so that he could destroy the ThunderCats as well as retrieve the power stones.

Infiltration at Dog City & Mount Plun-Darr

For the scheme to work, she was first placed among the other Thunderian slaves in the Ratar-O's possession. Pumyra was arranged to be sold to Dobo to fight in the pit as a gladiatrix prior to the ThunderCats arriving to the Dog City. When Lion-O's attempt to save her resorts with him being forced to fight her in the Pit for the Dogs' entertainment, beating him to an inch of his life, Pumyra resisted the urge to kill Lion-O as Dobo grants them their freedom. From there, Pumyra led the adult ThunderCats to Mount Plun-Darr, where Ratar-O was using the slaves to excavate the Sword of Plun-Darr.

During the raid with him and Panthro, Pumyra attempts to win her way to Lion-O's heart while he stopped her from murdering Mordax and later saving her after Mumm-Ra regained the Sword of Plun-Darr.

Search for Tech Stone & Betrayal at Avista

After the events of Soul Sever (which Pumyra had no involvement in), the ThunderCats found an ancestral plane within the rubble. With Panthro's engineering skills, the entire team put all their energy to restore the machine to working order. The kittens named the jet, the Feliner, and the ThunderCats used it to fly upwards in search of the Tech Stone. The journey up was a harrowing experience as Panthro discovered he had a phobia with heights and lost control of the plane; Tygra managed to gain control of the plane and took them to the skies, where they were intercepted by Avista's aerial guards. The crew agreed to cooperate and land at Avista to explain themselves.

At Avista, they were greeted by Vultaire and invited to dinner. Impatient over the pleasantries, Pumyra demanded the Tech Stone in order to defeat Mumm-Ra, but Vultaire declined. In a win-for-all or nothing wager, Tygra was overly confident that his piloting skills will best Vultaire in a race and the vulture agreed. In a simple game of collecting the most hoops, Vultaire and Tygra raced above Avista in fighters and Tygra managed to pull a great upset by beating the birds at their own game. Unfortunately, Vultaire cried foul and had the guards imprison the ThunderCats.

Not willing to give up the Tech Stone so easily, Pumyra encouraged Lion-O to break out from their confinement and attempt to retrieve the tech stone. While the kittens escaped Avista to get help from the other animals, the rest of the ThunderCats followed the guided direction of the Book of Omens, but couldn't pass through a secured door (which the control pad looks a lot like the game, Simon Says). Tired of no progress, Pumyra managed to track and kidnap Vultaire and forced him to open the door.

Once the door opened, Vultaire explained the Tech Stone is the source of their technology and also Avista's power source that keeps the city afloat. Pumyra's true colors begin to show as she attempted to take the Tech Stone, despite knowing it would endanger all the lives of Avista. She charged after the stone, but Vultaire intentionally didn't warn them that the stone had security measures and Pumyra was shocked unconscious. Afterwards, the ThunderCats were arrested by the Avistians and Vultaire sentenced them to death, by dropping them out of the sky through their garbage disposal system. As the cats were about to plunge to their deaths, Mumm-Ra made a timely attack (due to his tracking of Pumyra) and the cats made a temporary alliance with the Avistians to help defend their city.

Pumyra manned a large defense cannon and managed to shoot down several Lizard fighters until the cannon was destroyed. Panthro encouraged both Pumyra and Lion-O to go after the Tech Stone before Mumm-Ra found it. At the Tech Stone site, Pumyra wanted to retrieve the stone, but Lion-O refuse to doom thousands for the stone. However, he didn't have a choice in the matter as Mumm-Ra appeared to battle for the stone.

Lion-O battled Mumm-Ra (the ever-living form) for the stone. In between the battle, Pumyra was knocked out once again. When Pumyra just regained consciousness, she found the Tech Stone right before her and took it. She reveals her true loyalties when she gives Mumm-Ra the Tech Stone. It was then that Mumm-Ra explained how she died in such bitterness and rage that he brought her back to help her exact vengeance. Pumyra was about to strike Lion-O, but Tygra stopped her. With the sudden arrival of the kittens and the animal reinforcements they brought, the dark duo was forced to flee.


Since her resurrection, Pumyra seems to be an angry, ill-tempered Cat. Otherwise, she shown to be strong-willed, independent person regardless of the situation. In spite of her harsh exterior she does have a softer side, seen when nearly breaking down in tears while describing the suffering of the Thunderian slaves or when she tenderly helped a baby winged frog that had fallen out of its nest. And until the events at Avista it seemed she forgave Lion-O and became infatuated with him. However, she was willing to sacrifice the city of Birds, Avista, by taking the Tech Stone and knowing if removed, Avista would fall from the sky and be destroyed. Showing she is willing to make hard choices "for her people". In the end, her grudge for the ThunderCats compelled her to betray those who came to trust her, and seems to put aside any possible vendetta for Mumm-Ra, the one responsible for Thundera's destruction, to kill Lion-O. Although Mumm-Ra implied Pumyra is not fully in control of her actions. Stating her body and soul have been his since Thundera's destruction.


  • She has amber eyes and brown hair with white highlights reaching her upper back. It is tied in a ponytail with strands framing both sides of her face. She is more slender yet curvy and athletic in build than her 80's incarnation.
  • She wears a dark brown dress with golden manacles and a garter on her right thigh. Her necklace has a small black stone bound by a red chord and a bag on her hip stores the ammo for her wrist bow. Unlike the other cats who wear spat-like coverings on their feet that expose their heels and toes, she is always barefoot.


Pumyra uses a wrist-mounted crossbow in battle and she is shown to be skilled enough to defeat a Gormax, who was able to defeat three dog gladiators with relative ease. She also carries bolas that she can throw as a snare that store on a garter on her left hip. In "Curse of Ratilla" she also carries a knife.



Ultimately, Pumyra held little regard for Lion-O, blaming him and his absence for both leaving her to die and the fate of the Thunderian race in enslavement. This hatred and rage manifested in a near homicidal desire for vengeance against him as she nearly took his life after severely beating him in The Pit. But both her agenda, and witnessing the lengths Lion-O was willing to go to in order to prove his loyalty to her and their people, allowed to her to stayed her hand in killing him and cooperating to an extent.

Immediately after being freed from The Pit, Pumyra showed an infatuated interest in Lion-O, which quickly became mutual. However, it was all revealed to be an act, and what ever true feelings she had were outweighed by her murderous desire for revenge.


Pumyra stated to Lion-O that while he was her king, Mumm-Ra was her master. When she revealed herself to be a traitor by throwing the undead warlord the Tech Stone, she kneeled before him and kissed his gauntlet, like a sworn vassal. She has given Mumm-Ra her loyalty for reviving her and giving her the chance to take revenge on Lion-O whereas Mumm-Ra has shown her considerable favor by entrusting her with the task of being a spy, and willingly took her with him when they made heir escape together, calling her 'beloved'. Whether she has no grudge against him for Thundera's fall, or any free choices has yet to be seen.


  • Actual cats can hear things 4-5 times greater than a human being, yet none of the ThunderCats could hear Pumyra plead for help.
  • Dan Norton confirmed that she died in the invasion of Thundera.
  • She died between 20–21 years old, Dan Norton confirmed in his DeviantArt account.
  • Pumyra is the first of the Thundercats 2011-cast to ever turn antagonistic, while the original is faithfully good. And since the show's cancellation, her alignment remained evil.



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