Prank Call is the fourth episode of ThunderCats Roar, the 2020 TV series.

Cartoon Network Preview

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Season 1 - Episode 4
Lion-O wants to prove to the ThunderKittens that he's not just some boring old adult, like Tygra, even if it means ignoring his instincts and messing with an obviously evil crystal.






  • Cats Lair
  • Jade Lagoon
  • Bottomless Gorge
  • Double Bass Mountain
  • Artifact structure for crystal (green crystal)
  • Black Pyramid
  • unknown crystal location (pink crystal)

Animation Errors/Glitches

  • The ThunderTank is colored blue in the Cats Lair, which likely is cause the rest of the episode shows the ThunderTank in low lighting.


  • The running gag for the episode is that there is a manual for that and you shouldn't read them cause that is what Tygra would do.
    • By the end of the episode Lion-O finds and reads the manual for crystals. This finishes Lion-O's character arc for the episode.
  • SilverHawks is directly referenced as a in-universe TV show. Bluegrass playing his Hot Licks (like in the SliverHawks intro), the Mirage can be seen, then Quicksilver on the Mirage bridge.
  • Lion-O, while boasting to the thunderkittens, he references the Caveman arm-wrestling him for the Time capsule from episode The Time Capsule in the original series.


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