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is a Wolo con-man who makes his living selling elixers that occasionally work, but normally have outragous side-effects. He works with a once giant caterpillar-like creature, now giant butterfly-like creature called Lucy.


After being chased out of a town, Ponzi runs across the Thundercats when one of the wheels on his cart breaks. Seeing that Pumyra's face is swollen, he gives them one of his potions in trade.

Later, he sees the cat's tank following him. Fearing for his life (due to being chased by others in the past), he races his cart, trying to escape the cats. He crashes his cart, destroying the potions, which the cats were after, to use them against Mumm-Ra.

When he realizes that the cats needed the potion to deal with Mumm-Ra, he offers to help them in exchange for their help (and a small fee).

During the course of this, Lucy ate the leaves necessary for the potion, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as she turned into a butterfly-like creature and drove Mumm-Ra away.

Ponzi and Lucy then parted ways with the ThunderCats, with Lucy carrying Ponzi's cart into the air.




  • Ponzi's name is a reference to Charles Ponzi, whose "Ponzi schemes" swindled many investors during 1920. However, unlike his real counterpart, Ponzi tries to help others - especially when his own skin is on the line.
  • The character is similar to Dr. Terminus from the 1977 Disney film Pete's Dragon, who likewise tries to sell a 'miracle elixir' to the townspeople, however they include the side effects such as pink beards.
  • He resembles the Wolo traveler from the original series.

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