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Poker-Face is the Casino owner of Starship Casino and a member of Mon*Star's gang. He sometimes reveals his thoughts by removing his shades and revealing letters in his eyes.


Poker-Face maintains the Starship Casino, which so happens to be right outside of the Lightyear Limit, so it is outside of the SilverHawks jurisdiction according to the Galaxy Counsel.[1] He is one of the few Mob members to be operating outside of the Brimstar. He however pays a cut to Mon*Star of his winnings. Later on, he and Melodia decide to ditch Mon*Star and instead work together.[2] However, after a short time they decided to once again try to be on Mon*Star's good side.[3] He also doesn't seem to get along with the characters on Fence,[4] even though they go to his canino.[5]


He can use his staff to shoot a lazer.


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