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Penal Planet 10 Guards are two guards from the SilverHawks Series.


They were on duty when on the fortieth day of the year 2839 at the Moon-Star had a Moon-Star Burst, which had the rays from it go directly at the Penal Planet. They attempted to stop the rays from getting into Mon*Star's cell, but he was able to break the defense wall outside the bars and a small hole was formed so Mon*Star used it to get the moon rays. He transformed to his powerful form, and the robot guard shot at him, only to be blown up. It's unclear if the robot seen on later occasions is the same guard or not.

Later, after the SilverHawks put Hardware, the guards did a check of cells. Later that night Buzz-Saw broke in and helped Hardware escape. The guards chased them, but were unsuccessful in re-apprehending Hardware.

Physical Description

One looks reptilian or a rhino. The other is a robot with a unicycle design lower torso.

Powers and Abilities

They always have their blasters with them, though neither have been shown to be all that effective at aiming them.