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The Penal Planet 10 is the location criminals are put in the Limbo Galaxy in the SilverHawks Series.


Penal Planet 10 has been the prison for many inmates over it's time. Mon*Star was placed in there along with the rest of his mob. On the fortieth day of the year 2839 at the Moon-Star had a Moon-Star Burst, which had the rays from it go directly at the Penal Planet. There was a attempt by the guards to stop the rays from getting in Mon*Star's cell, but he was able to break the defenses and a small hole was formed that Mon*Star used to get the moon rays. He transformed to his powerful form, and tore to cells window area apart and left. He later, returned and released the rest of his mob crew.

After Quicksilver caught Hardware, the SilverHawks dropped him off at the Penal Planet. This did not last long, as Buzz-Saw broke in and helped Hardware escape.

Physical Description

A large station in space, it is quite a fortress. Built to contain some of the roughest and toughest criminals in Limbo Galaxy.

Powers and Abilities