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Note, many elements in this episode have "best guesses" names as only a Spanish dubbed version of the episode has surfaced.

Papagallo's Present is the sixth show of the TigerSharks series. A little under half of the show has surfaced in English, however a full version has surfaced in Spanish.


At the start, Papagallo loans to Bowfin a powerful device that can show lifeforms underwater from a distance away from the person looking through it. After Papagallo leaves, Bowfin walks out on a pier only to be robbed of the device by Soulmate and Long John Silverfish. Silverfish throws Bowfin in the water and they leave to show the device to Captain Bizarrly. Bowfin and Papagallo go to the TigerSharks for help on the Sark.

Octavia in fishform and Dolph in scuba gear to go to Castle Dragonstone to get the Serpentine Device back. However, Dolph also took along a tape of sounds that was part of a experiment he is doing. The audio from the tape makes the aquatic life somewhat cling to the area it is from and makes that life somewhat friendly. The two used it to get a school of dolphin to come to them and then go with them to the castle. Meanwhile, after Bizarrly saw what the device does, he planned something to use it for, and Solemate and Long John Silverfish left the throne room, leaving Dragonstein to watch over the Serpentine Device which was on the seat of Bizarrly's throne.

Dolph comes into the throne room from the water side, and tries to sneak by Dragonstein to get the Serpentine Device. However, the dolphins with Dolph made noise which alerted Dragonstein. Dragonstein was thrown a chair which he ate, before Bizarrly and Long John Silverfish came back in the room to figure out what all the noise was about. Dolph had tried to hide behind a Support beam, but caught the eye of Long John Silverfish which snagged him with his Electric Whip. After that, Bizarrly used the Serpentine Device to see if anyone else was near the castle. He spotted Octavia and ordered the release of the eels. Two eels came at Octavia and she managed to shoot off ink from her Ink Bracelet which caused it to be hard to see her with the device. She defeated the eels and then played dead as the ink dissipated. Bizarrly then saw her and assumed she was dead. Bizarrly then ordered Long John Silverfish to take Dolph down to the dungeon.

Octavia takes the eels with her and sneaks in to the pond area in the water port of the dungeon. She uses her tentacles on her head to grab Long John Silverfish and throw him in the pond area as she gets out partly to throw Dolph the eels. Dolph uses them to blow up the lock on the jail door. He escapes Bizarrly's Castle with Octavia. Long John Silverfish lets Captain Bizarrly know of this. Then, Captain Bizarrly with Long John Silverfish and Solemate leave in the Pirates Ship, searching for both the TigerSharks that escaped and the Whale. Bizarrly then locates the TigerSharks with the Serpentine Device and his the crew fires guided missile fishes at them deep in the water. Octavia maneuvers the missiles and the missiles end up missing them and instead hitting Bizarrly's Castle. Captain Bizarrly is quite angry. However, the shockwave from the missiles shorted out the engine to the Sharkhammer, rendering it unable to move.

Dolph gets a idea to summon the whale which will be natural cover from weapons. After getting in the whale, Octavia summons Sark for help. Angel and Bronc come out on their Sailboards and as Bizarrly's crew shot a harpoon at the whale, Bronc was able to stop the harpoon from getting the whale with his Lasso gun. He then used his sailboard like bow and shot the harpoon back at the Pirates Ship, to the crews surprise. The captain, mad at the crew stomps around the deck before being launched by a loose board on the ships floor. He flies to the Sailboards and as he swung around to go back the the ship, Angel gets his Serpentine Device. He ends up stuck in the watch spot on the ship. Meanwhile, Octavia tickles the whale which then spit them both out. All is well.

Later, the TigerSharks come to Waterian City to Papagallo's residence to return the Serpentine Device to him.


Listed in order as they first appear.


  • Serpentine Device
  • Air Breathing Apparatus
  • Electric Whip
  • Captain Bizarrly's Eel
  • Ink Bracelet
  • Guided Missile Fish
  • Harpoon
  • Lasso Gun






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