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The Nunchucks or Fighting Sticks are Panthro 's main weapon. They were given to him by Jaga along with his clothing when the ThunderCats were fleeing their home planet of Thundera in the episode, Exodus .

The Nunchucks consist of two fighting sticks, one red and one blue, joined together by a length of chain. The sticks ends are claw shaped which open and close to eject their contents.


Panthro using Nunchucks.jpg

The fighting sticks can be used in close combat like normal nunchucks. Panthro, with his mastery in martial arts, is able to dazzle and confuse his opponents by whirling the nunchucks rapidly between his hands. He also uses it to disarm his opponents by striking their weapons with it. 

The fighting sticks also conceal various substances such as energy pellets and gases which can be shot out from the claws of the fighting sticks. Panthro mostly resorts to using these items when fighting from a fair distance.

In the episode The Time Capsule, a Crabman snapped one of the shafts of Panthro's nunchucks, breaking it in two. However, being a master mechanic, Panthro was able to repair his weapon. When not using them Panthro conceals his fighting sticks behind his back, in his belt.

The nunchucks has also been used against Panthro by his enemies, most notably in the episode The Evil Harp of Charr-Nin, Dimension Doom and ThunderCubs, Part 4. In these episodes, Panthro's opponents were able to use their magical powers on the nunchucks and cause it to tie up Panthro himself.