Nips is one of the Wood Forgers and a follower of Zigg. Like his teacher, he wanted more power and aided in the construction of a paper mill to mass-produce paper for their Paper Arts at the constant cost of trees, leading them to become enemies with Viragor, the protector of the Forest of Magi Oar.

Powers & Abilities

A skilled user of the Paper Arts, Nips makes use of paper pinwheels to unleash powerful gusts of wind to blow away his enemies or cuts paper into snowflakes and magically turns them into frozen shuriken that freeze things upon contact.



  • Nips's name is "spin" spelled backwards, referring to his pinwheels and shuriken-paper snowflakes
  • Nips' name can also be rearranged to form snip, referencing the fact that he will cut his paper into shapes.
  • Nips actually resembles a samurai beased on his armor but acts more like ninja since he never talks and his weapon of choose are paper-shurikens which are a common weapon of ninjas.
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