Nayda 1.png
First appearance | Trouble with Time
Last appearance | Out of Sight
Gender | Female
Species | Human
Affiliation | Warrior Maidens, ally to the Thundercats
Weapon(s) | Bow and Arrow, Rope
Family | Willa (Sister)
Voiced by | Lynne Lipton

Nayda is a Warrior Maiden and sister of Willa.


Another of Third Earth's Warrior Maidens, Nayda is someone in whom Willa often confides her concerns or suspicions. Like Willa, Nayda is slightly suspicious of others outside of her fellow Warrior Maiden tribe, but has a much more personable nature than Willa. As with most, if not all Warrior Maidens, Nayda is brave and loyal, and like Willa has proven herself to be a skilled warrior.



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