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Native Son is the seventeenth episode of ThunderCats 2011 TV series.


While traveling through the mountains in search for a shortcut, Lion-O and Tygra come across a cave which is a home of a lost Tiger Clan (who were outcasted by the other Cats for their loyalty towards Mumm-Ra). The tiger Caspin leads them to the tiger leader Javan (Tygra's biological father) who tells them about how Tygra ended up in Claudus' possession. Lion-O and Tygra learn of an evil that has been haunting the Tiger Clan.

After a fight with the Shadow Creatures, Lion-O and Tygra catch up to Javan, who again states he had to do what he did to Tygra in order to protect him. Lion-O later tells Tygra that he hasn't found the tracks of the shadow creatures and that the Tiger Clan hasn't been fighting back for some reason. Lion-O uses the Sword of Omens' powers and discovers that the shadow creatures are posing as the Tiger cats.

Javan tells Lion-O that a disease swept through them and that Caspin suggested that they turned to the Ancient Spirits, who stated that they had to sacrifice the heir to the Tiger Clan. Javan couldn't bring himself to kill Tygra and just sent the baby Tygra away in a balloon.

This resulted in the Ancient Spirits placing a curse on the Tiger Clan. Javan tells Lion-O to take Tygra and leave before the other Tigers try to sacrifice him. Meanwhile, Caspin and some of the Tigers decide to break the curse before the sun sets. Tygra later meets with Javan who, in an attempt to force him to leave, tells Tygra that he must go and that living with the other Cats has affected his judgement. Tygra leaves as Caspin arrives claiming he has a message from Javan, but it's just a trap to attack Tygra. Javan comes to Tygra and Lion-O's aid and was forced to kill Caspin in self-defense.

When Javan says that it didn't have to be this way, Caspin states that it had to be this way as it was Javan's fault for cursing the entire clan. Javan confesses that his actions have "turned him into a monster" as he and the other Tigers are turned into the shadow monsters and the Ancient Spirits order the creatures kill them. Lion-O and Tygra end up fighting the shadow monsters. As Tygra is restrained by the shadow monster that was his father, Tygra now knows what Javan had to go through. Tygra forgives him and this ends up breaking the curse, causing the shadow creatures to regress back to the Tigers. Javan states to Tygra that the Tigers are neither dead or alive. Javan states that they can now go home as he and the Tigers now fade away. Tygra then picks up a whip left by his father as Lion-O tells Tygra that they still must find a shortcut through the mountains.




Javan: Always remember, son - you are a tiger. I will be watching you... with pride.

Tygra: Tell me something, Lion-O. Is it my destiny to always lose the things I care most about?
Lion-O: You aren't gonna lose me, brother.